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  • About Possibility Coaching

    What is it? How does it work? What is a session like? Who are the Coaches?

    What is Possibility Coaching?

    Windows are for seeing through. Doors are for going through. Bridges are for crossing over into new territory. Possibility Coaching opens windows, doorways, and bridges to entirely different futures for you to use if you choose.


    The value of Possibility Coaching is that it gives you new options to choose from and the clarity and energy to make the choices.


    Modern western culture, particularly the mental health arts, are saturated in the Jungian / Freudian context of psychoanalysis developed a century-and-a-half ago, aimed at understanding your condition. This intellectual orientation fits perfectly with modern education's overemphasis on knowing as the highest value and has gone largely unquestioned as the best and proper approach.

    However, during the past fifty years other modalities for optimizing the human condition have been quietly emerging as a result of diverse experimentation and careful note taking.

    One such form is Possibility Coaching, making use of the transformational forces and practical clarity of the tools, thoughtmaps, distinctions and adulthood initatiory processes of Possibility Management.

    Possibility Coaching originates in a different context from psychoanalysis, and aims at different outcomes. The context of Possibility Coaching is... possibility. The core assertion in the context of possibility is that, "Something completely different from this is possible right now." The procedure for proving this assertion is Possibility Coaching sessions.

    During Possibility Coaching step-by-step procedures empower you to take back your own authority... for everything. Along the way you happily discover that your mind (as well as your other four bodies) are yours to play with and make into whatever you want. A new future unrolls as a side effect of you building inner capacities that welcome more awareness.

    New behaviors start when upgraded thinking models give you new perceptions and viewpoints.

    Clarity creates possibility.

    Possibility opens new options to choose from.

    You are the chooser.

    What are the benefits?

    Your authentic questions open spaces of possibility that you and the Coach can explore together. All questions are allowed. You get to go wherever you want to go.

    Your vulnerable uncertainty may at first seem like a terrible handicap. You may be surprised when you discover how to use it as a rich magnet for empowered options during a Possibility Coaching session.

    Clients bring such a multiplicity of cares, for example:

    • Panic, sadness, or anger attacks.
    • Depression, burnout.
    • Loss of joy in life, lack of intimacy, sexual drabness, broken dreams, unfulfilled expectations.
    • Feeling betrayed, resentful, abandoned, unseen, not good enough.
    • Seeing what should come next, but not knowing how to get there.

    Sessions are also fantastic for supporting you to make big decisions:

    • How do I know if I should keep holding onto a job that I don't really want to do anymore?
    • Am I clinging into a relationship that does not nurture me anymore? What else is possible for me?
    • Who am I really? What am I here for? What's the point? What is my true calling?
    • How do I live in a world like this?
    • What if I am not certain? How can I get confidence to make changes?
    • How can I connect with people or build a team?
    • It feels like something important is missing from my life... how can I find it?

    Difficult circumstances are gateways to a brighter future whenever you have the courage to come sit in the Possibility Chair and ask for help.

    How does a session begin?

    No one can be in a coaching session for you. More interestingly, no one can stop you from getting to one!

    Scan the photos shown below or somehow choose who you would like to have a Possibility Coaching session with. Even if their website is written in German or Nederlands or Portuguese, write or call them anyway. He or she probably speaks excellent English.

    Most coaches can meet you either in person in their workspace or through a video call using Zoom, WhatsApp, or Skype.
    Arrange an appointment with your chosen Possibility Coach via telephone, email, or messaging.

    The Coach will want you to have something in which to take notes for yourself about distinctions that you make in your session, plus perhaps clear instructions for experiments to try after the session.

    In a simple and sacred way the safe space is established and your adventure journey begins.

    The session will unfold in any of a variety of ways, none of which are predicted by the Coach. He or she is your navigation aid and support team.

    Certainly you will feel something. This is why it can help to be on the new thoughtmap of feelings before a session starts.

    In short, the Old Thoughtmap of Feelings tells you there are three negative or bad feelings (anger, sadness, and fear) and only one good feeling (joy), but don't go around feeling too joyful or people will think you don't have enough work to do or that you don't take life seriously... haven't you seen the news? Maybe you're on drugs... The Old Thoughtmap of Feelings says that actually it is better not to feel at all. Then when someone asks you, "How are you ?" you can say, "I am fine," meaning, "I feel numb."

    Fortunately there is a New Thoughtmap of Feelings. On the New Thoughtmap there are four neutral feelings (anger, sadness, fear, and joy), neither good nor bad, not positive or negative, providing you with 0% to 100% intense energy and information, unmixed, all day and all night, to use for delivering the services of your Archetypal Lineage. By starting a Possibility Coaching session on the New Thoughtmap of Feelings you can go for light years.

    You will find tremendous clarity about the old and new feelings maps in Directing the Power of Conscious Feelings, Radiant Joy Brilliant Love, the bedtime book, Goodnight Feelings, and also in Expand The Box training.

    Who are the Possibility Coaches?

    Get to know them personally.

    Not all of the Coaches shown below are experts in Possibility Management. As a matter of fact, no one is an expert in Possibility Management! Not even its originator Clinton Callahan - he would be the first one to tell you he is a rapid learner, not an expert.

    The joy of Possibility Coaching is to share possibilities we have discovered by our own efforts so that you can have the treasures too, probably quicker and with less struggle than it cost us! The joy is to be a bridge.

    The coaches below are known to us personally. They are skilled in navigating upperworld, middleworld, and underworld spaces, including high intensity deep-dark feelings and emotions. They have earned their own authority and want you to stand in your own authority. They wield an energetic sword of clarity for your benefit and safety. Their Gremlin sits alertly at their side as an assistant to help catch your Gremlin when he or she is getting the better of you. They have already heard every story in the world - including their own - so they are noticeably unhookable. They can detect the 18 standard survival strategies. They use their integrity to protect your welfare and safety. They meet you where you are, say what needs to be said, and give you the maximum that you can effectively carry away with you back into your life. And, if you are not satisfied with their work, they will give you your money back, no questions asked.

    Of the four Archetypal Lineages, these coaches are the Evolutionaries, creators and navigators of transformational spaces... at your service!

  • Possibility Coaches

    Ana Norambuena

    New Zealand

    Andrei Iuroaia

    Romania / Europe

    Anne Schmid

    Switzerland / Germany

    Anne-Chloé Destremau

    Spain / France

    Annete Türk-Marzell

    Stuttgart, Germany

    Carola Maier-Ackermann

    Bielefeld, Germany

    Christine Durschner

    Germany / Europe

    Clinton Callahan

    Spain / Germany / Europe

    Dagmar Uhl

    Germany / Europe

    Dahlia Abramovic

    Wertheim, Germany

    Emma Richardson

    Switzerland / France / UK

    Ewa Pilarsky


    coming soon!

    Gero von Aderkas

    Melbourne, Australia

    Georg Pollitt

    Switzerland / Germany /USA

    Hilde Mohren

    Hamburg, Germany

    Joachim Müller

    Munstermaifeld, Germany

    Jonathan Sprungk

    Germany / Europe

    Lisa Kuchenmeister

    Würzburg, Germany

    Maciek Ankowiak


    Martina Unger

    Munich, Germany

    Matteo Tangi

    Portugal / Europe

    Michael Hallinger

    Germany / Australia

    Mirjam Weber


    Nicola Nagel

    Germany / Europe

    Paul Rogers

    Seattle, Washington, USA

    Peter van Oosterhout


    Rudolf Lenz

    Germany / Spain

    Sebastian Tubau

    Switzerland / France / UK

    Stacia Karina Beazley

    Melbourne, Australia

    Vera Luisa Franco

    UK / Europe



















    This website has been created for two purposes:


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    2. To provide a common platform listing Possibility Managers who provide Possibility Coaching services. (If you are delivering Possibility Coaching and are not yet listed but would like to be, please send an email with your wish, your website, and a close-up face photo to: clinton at nextculture dot org.)